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2021 Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Lottery

The Lottery is now CLOSED!

What to do now that you have applied

Soon our automated computer system will randomly select 7,500 of the total applications and place them on the Housing Choice Voucher waiting list. Use the following link to keep tabs on your application status: Click Here to Check your Application Status.

After our random selection has been completed, IHA will begin drawing Applicants from this waiting list and contacting them via US Mail to begin the eligibility screening process. Please keep an eye on your mail so you do not miss your invitation letter.

Also please note that the eligibility interview may be held at an off-site location which will be listed on the interview letter. Therefore, it is very important to read the entire invitation letter that we send you once you have been drawn from the waiting list. It will also inform you of what you will need to bring with you to the interview in order to complete the eligibility process.

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